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 Preparation of import orders and making the PLI until the release of the goods.Performing calculations as application of relevant legislation, including recognition of due fees and taxes.Typing and data conferencing and any other necessary and / or require you to the customs clearance of imported goods or shipping goods to be admitted.

Monitoring of the physical clearance of imported goods.

Technical assistance provision to imports.

Development of normal or simplified Import Declaration (DI / DSI).


The import clearance process are included the following activities: Analysis of documentation; Advisory tax classification; Making the PLI; Recovery of LI (s) to construct the DI; Registration of B / L in maritime agency / Minfra; Mount I.D. in five parts with B / L, invoice (Packing List); Registration at MAP; Notification in SEFAZ / AM; Monitoring parameterization and distribution for the supervisory body (SRFB); Clearance / survey of the order in customs terminals; Delivery of goods released to the carrier; Monitoring Report issued with status of processes; Customs Transit Declaration (DTA); Clearance of invoices in TECA; etc.



PEXPAM (Special Program for Export Free Trade Zone of Manaus).

Contact with agents - square Reserve and monitoring "dead lines";

Coordination of container removed until its delivery at terminals designated by shipowners;

Export Registration emission (RE) and Declaration of Export Order (DDE);

Monitoring procedures with Customs until the effective clearance;

Monitoring procedures with the federal agencies: ANVISA, MAPA, etc .;

Preparation and obtaining Bills of Lading;

Payment and freight rates;

Obtaining certificates;

Issuing performance reports;



Preparation of monthly or individual internment, according to customer's prognosis.

Preparation and submission of petitions with the Federal Revenue Manaus, seeking authorization for release of equipment with rates of suspension, accom-up-processes to be referred to the Superintendency of the Manaus Free Zone - SUFRAMA.

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